Taste the Charity, Inc. is comprised of some of the best students in the county. Here are our members:

New Team


Directors (above)

Kyle Zuluaga (Director of Logistics)

Isabel McHenry (Director of Public Relations)

Jace Summers (Director of Funding)

David Lee (Director of Legal Affairs)

Shivani Desai (Director)

Katie Kim (Director of Media and Marketing)


Board of Advisors

We are proud and grateful for all of our past officers and directors for their commitment and dedication to this cause. As they are leaving for college, we will miss them dearly and as each one of them will be remembered for their hard work.


Officers (Above)

Ryan Lynch (Chief Operating Officer)

Gideon Tesfaye (Chief Marketing Officer)

Sunil Reddy (Chief Executive Officer)

Daniela Uribe (Chief Management Officer)

Directors (Below)

Shivani Desai (Director of Research & Analytics)

James Lee (Director of Sales & Marketing)

Chelsea Yangnouvong (Director of Public Relations)