A cause, an idea, and a whole lot of passion

In 2017, the Relay for Life of Gwinnett, the biggest Relay for Life event in the entire world, was cancelled due to severe weather. Sunil Reddy, a student at the Gwinnett School of Mathematics Science & Technology, was heartbroken by this and wanted to do something that would uplift the community and help Relay for Life. Growing up with taste events all around him, he decided on the Taste of Gwinnett. He needed a name to operate under, and Taste the Charity, Inc. immediately came to mind. He brought together a few of his close friends from various schools, and they began working, not knowing what they were getting into.

Since conception, our student led organization has been working nonstop to make sure the Taste of Gwinnett is successful. With every obstacle that comes in our way, we work hard to overcome it. We needed $3000 to rent an exhibit hall at the Infinite Energy Center, so we raised that much by selling donuts. We needed our tax-exempt (501c3) status, so we studied all night and completed Form 1023. After seeing how much work our organization was putting into this cause, prominent members of the community, such as political representatives and salesmen, started to mentor us and guide us on the right track. Since then, the Taste of Gwinnett has been developing rapidly, and we're gaining new allies each and every day. While we're just a group of high school students, we're excited for the day all of our hard work comes to fruition.


mission: to support the community one bite at a time.